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Belt Conveyor Idler:

  • Advance offers a distinct series of belt conveyor idlers in light and heavy duty designs. Recent improvements , combined with time proven features that have been retained, have resulted in the most advanced design of belt conveyor idlers available today.
  • Sturdy frames hold balanced, cocentric rolls in alignment for smooth running, and efficiency. Smooth cleaning contoured and brackets provide generous clearance to prevent material from wedging between the rolls and the end brackets
  • Air tight rolls have solid steel shafts, lubricating system and minimum number of parts for long service life and easy repair. A wide variety of idler types and sizes is available to meet every installation requirement.


  • Advance Drums general construction make them fit for any requirement. They are conveyed on the outside, and their shafts are assembled in two lateral supports provided with the self-alligning bearings which are protected and self lubricating. On request they may be coated with rubber of any thickness. The type of rubber used can be Raw Rubber, Canvas-Rectified Rubber or Straight- fluted of Fish Bonded Rubber.


  • Advance Rollers are assembled with 20-25-30 steel shafts of best make and protected by special labyrinth seal rings with complete grease filling.
  • Roller casing is made out of steel tube, bearing housing of cast iron with rigid radial one-row ball bearing of standard quality. Essentially constructed for the use in high capacity conveyors, they permit easy disassembly of all component parts and, therefore , a prompt maintenance too besides ensuring the most service life.

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